Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Printed QQ : RM33/pcs

Solid Colors : RM28/pcs

Unique design of 3x3 button snap, easy to adjust different size for any age of baby weight 3kg to 13kg · Easy to adjust waist and leg
· Super absorbent 3 layer inserts and inner fleece
· Soft inner fleece to make baby feel good
· Waterproof of outer PUL to prevent leakage
· Made of 100% Polyster
· This product is a washable, adjustable, economic use of the baby green diapers Diaper


ummi said...

kalau nk beli cd qqbaby ni satu je boleh tak? insert die camne ye? same mcm coolababy punye tak?

sorshik said...

bole ummi ..insert die jenis Microfiber Tery Cloth

Mama Darwisya said...

nak tanya..QQ baby dgn coolababy mana lagi bagus since material die hampir sama?

ctro said...

waduhhh..cantik2nya printed QQ..sabar2

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